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We are Mark Hasara, a retired Air Force pilot, Scott Brown an EMT in Texas, and Jack Morris, a retired Air Force Aero Engineer. A little-known fact about us. We love building plastic model airplanes! As Mark flew KC-135s all over the world, he took thousands of airplane pictures to feed our model plane addiction. Scott and Jack asked for the pictures as a trade for model airplane decals, creating detailed profiles from the pictures I sent them.

But plastic model airplanes are an old man’s hobby and thousands of historical profile images remained unused. Mark’s wife Valerie saw the artwork and knew there was another market for these decal instruction sheet profiles. Scott and Jack realized the decal sheet artwork could be customized with names, tail numbers, and even weapons loads with a little effort.

F-15E 335 Robert's Ridge

Our company took the digital profile artwork and created personalized and very detailed vinyl airplane graphics aviation enthusiasts can stick to the walls of their home, office or hanger. Anyone can have a custom graphic of their favorite airplanes, unit markings, tail numbers, but most importantly their name and personal tail number on the aircraft.

Personalization produced a bigger challenge. Seven years ago when we started down this path programmers told us a website costs over $100,000! There are literally thousands of aircraft configurations, tail numbers, and paint schemes. Automated websites were financially impractical but we knew there must be a way to do this.

Java Office Wall

New computer customization and printing makes it possible to create four to eight-foot long aviation graphics costing under $150 for the four footer. The next dilemma was which aircraft to start with? A number of friends said to begin with the icons. So the P-51 Mustang,  Spitfire, F-4 Phantom II, F-16 Falcon, and of course my KC-135 are first off the printer. The customers pick future aircraft!

Using the artwork and sharing it with a larger audience began as a market test in April 2019 to see what would happen just using Facebook as our page. The response was outrageous! Several customers bought four or more eight-footers. So we moved forward, this website being one of the biggest marketing moves. If you dreamt or did fly a particular aircraft, we can make a customized print of it! Printed four to eight feet long on vinyl, the digital artwork can be peeled off and stuck to the walls of your home or office. Our printer did a thirty-footer for a customer! Many customers have just framed the graphics and hung them on the wall. 

There were two reason we wanted to do this… first, give aviation enthusiast a place to buy custom aircraft profiles drawn to their specifications. The second shopping area has pre-printed aircraft you can chose from like the examples you see here. Between the three artists, there are over 13,000 profile drawings a customers can chose from… WW I Fokker Dr I Triplane to modern F-35s… commercial airliners or civilian aircraft… all are available in the pre-printed shopping area. The third shopping area is for organizations who partner with us to create graphics for fund raising. Wall Pilot aviation graphics gives you the ability to cover your walls with airplanes! The second reason for doing this is the pictures sent to us for custom work and hearing the stories behind the aircraft. We’ve talked with MiG Drivers and Mustang Aces. Our blog and podcast will share these pictures and stories with you from our YouTube channel. We have some amazing stories and photos from private collections pilots and aircrew sent to us when drawing their custom graphics.

Zucker F-4E

Bottom line, Wall Pilot offers aviation enthusiasts the ability to buy a personalized graphic based on their criteria, a shopping area FILLED with aircraft from military operations or famous aviation events, and a third shopping area organizations can partner with Wall Pilot for fund raising by browsing all aircraft available on the site. If your organization is going to an airshow, we can draw and print custom aircraft to sell at the events.

MiG-23 4477 Red Eagles

Now you know why we did this and what Wall Pilot is about. So… what airplane can we draw and ship to you?

Our Missions

Wall Pilot’s mission statement is Preserving Aviation History, One Aircraft at a Time. Many customers order more than one… one fighter pilot ordered every jet he flew to include two Russian MiGs! The stories we are hearing from our customers are incredible. All three of us here at Wall Pilot have spent hours with aircrews and heard the most amazing stories. We want to preserve those stories which you will read or hear in the blogspot.

WW I Ace Oswald Boelcke
F-117 Hang Loose

Our Vision

Wall Pilot wanted to challenge the way people purchase aviation art, thinking differently about this art market. Our products are personalized per customer’s criteria, incredibly detailed, and simple to apply to the walls of your home or office.

Wall Pilot gives aviation enthusiasts a means to buy their favorite aircraft and customize every graphic to their criteria and desires.

What People Says

Mine. 4 footer trimmed on wall of my game room Virginia Beach...8 footer will be on basement wall of my Wyoming place...will post when it is up...I'm TOTALLY pleased...looks GREAT...Mark's gang did a SUPER job.
VF-33 F-4J
Dana Barclay
- Customer -


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