Why we do this…

One of the benefits of this adventure is working with people who flew the aircraft in very specific historical events. Recently we’ve talked or coordinated with several people who have incredible stories and colorful aircraft. Some of these folks even had great photos of the aircraft they flew, making our job so much easier. We […]

First Combat Air Refueling

Early in the morning of 25 June 1950, the North Korean Army crossed the 38th parallel to reunify with South Korea.  Far East Air Force fighter and attack aircraft are forced to leave South Korea when Kim il-Sung’s Army pushes the US and Korean forces into the Pusan Pocket in southern Korea. US jet fighters […]

What’s in a Callsign

There are some great TOPGUN stories out there where pilots overcome really tremendous odds. Rarely does the public hear about the FLOPGUN stories… when pilots aren’t quite at their movie star best. Even Maverick has bad days. Every pilot knows, there will be a time where their name is up in lights and not for […]

The Black Jet

Shortly after arriving at King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, my crew began flying refueling missions in support of Operation Desert Shield. I did not know my Copilot and Navigator flew Special Air Refueling missions back in the States. Once King Khalid’s leadership knew, my KC-135 crew was briefed into Special Mission Air […]


Wall Pilot staff hears some of the most incredible stories from our customers asking us to create the planes they flew during their careers. Before Thanksgiving 2019 Wall Pilot was contacted by a customer wanting to send his brother in Korea a very special Christmas gift. His brother nicknamed “Spliff” flew a very historic mission […]