Wall Pilot Logo 2

Wall Pilot’s folder contains over 13,000 profile drawings and we are constantly working on more. Visit here often as we begin building the shop area.

Two things Wall Pilot is working on right now. We have a ton of requests for airliners… Imagine that! Many of our graphics and particularly airliners require a licensing agreement because of the company logos. Licensing agreements may cost $5000 and 12% of sales typically. We’re working on signing these agreements as we speak. Wall Pilot really wants to do airliners because of the unique paint schemes on the jets… like Alaska and New Zealand airlines!   

Even though we have a LOT of profiles, expanding the military shop area takes a while. We realize we don’t have enough profiles in certain areas. World War I aircraft is one category we are working on hard. The German Lozenge camouflage is one difficult area to recreate. The lozenge canvas is TIME-consuming! The other is Soviet and Russian aircraft. Once we find the proper research material then we can draw the planes. 

These are the categories coming soon after the first of the year.