Customized Graphics

Capt J.D. Ramsey's GUNSMOKE 89 F-4E from the 3rd Tactical Fighter Wing, Clark Air Base, The Philippines, deployed to Turkey for Desert Storm in 1991

Your favorite airplanes can now be on the walls of your home, office or hanger… name written on the canopy rail, markings for your favorite unit, and the weapons load of your choice hanging from the fuselage and wings. Wall Pilot has created thousands of customized aviation graphics from WW II Mustangs to F-35 Lightenings. Creating images takes some time, working directly with customers to make sure every graphic is correct. The draft drawings are shared with customers making sure it meets their 100% satisfaction. Accomplishing the detail of these graphics requires pictures from the customer in most cases, and filling out the questionnaire below to help us get started on the aircraft.  

Example of a picture sent to us and used to create an F-15E Strike Eagle graphic

All of our artwork is done in Adobe Illustrator with a few details accomplished in Photoshop. We will always send draft images for review to make sure each drawing is 100% correct in every detail. Some times this may take a few drafts if we have to draw the aircraft completely from scratch which takes us about two weeks. There are numerous places we reach out to for profiles in the US and overseas. We recently partnered with two new artists, both connected to aviation for many years.

Captain Spliff's F-15E ANACONDA SQUEEZE PLAY, the plane he flew on the mission he and his pilot PANZER were awarded Silver Stars.

During the drawing process, our artists share the draft graphics to make sure they are 100% correct before sending the image in for printing. Normally a customized graphic takes about two weeks to create. 

Here are examples of personalized graphics done for customers.

Photo used to create the graphic for F-4E 71-1086, a veteran of Desert Storm
Focke Wulf FW-190-A6
FedEx 777F custom drawn for a company pilot's office wall
P-51D Cripes A'Mighty of the 328th Fighter Squadron, 352nd Fighter Group flown by top scoring European P-51 ace Major George Preddy
F-16CG of the 70th Fighter Squadron drawn for a Crew Chief

The questionnaire below gives us detailed information needed for aircrew names, time frame and paint schemes, unit markings, and weapons load so our artists can build the graphic. The questionnaire at the bottom of the page is filled and sent directly to the artists. An example of information used to create the F-15E graphic for Anaconda Squeeze Play above was:

  1. Type of aircraft 
  2. Time Frame 
  3. Left or Right side view 
  4. Paint scheme 
  5. Tail code and tail number 
  6. Wing and Squadron 
  7. Tail band color 
  8. Name on the front canopy rail 
  9. Name on the rear canopy rail 
  10. Weapons on fuselage 
  11. Weapons on the centerline pylon 
  12. Weapons on inboard wing pylon 
  13. Weapons on the outboard pylon 
  14. Other special markings 

Copy and paste this questionnaire into an email and fill in the fields. Once filled out, email it to and You should hear from us within 48 hours stating we have your order and are working on it.

Our custom graphics start at $300 for a four-foot print, $400 for a six-foot print, and $500 for an eight-footer covering research and creating the graphics. We use Adobe Illustrator for all of our graphics which are then sent as a .pdf file to the printer. Many ask for the unit patches which are added to the vinyl scroll for an additional $30 above the base price. 

If for some reason you submit the custom form below and don’t hear from us in 48 hours, email or to make sure we have your order. 

Our motto is Preserving History, One Aircraft at a Time. Stories from our customers are used in our upcoming podcast series, and they are amazing. An example, the F-15E crew of Anaconda Squeeze Play had never shot the Gatling gun at ground targets in their careers. 04 March 2002 supporting a Navy SEAL Team stuck and surrounded on an Afghan mountain, they had to lay down 20-millimeter bullets within 80 to 100 meters of friendly forces… danger close!

Every aircraft has a story and we want to hear and tell yours.

Now, what aircraft can Wall Pilot draw for you?